Administration addresses “hit list” rumor in letter

Letter states that there is no reason to believe list is real


Kyle Comito

PV Principal Tom DeMaio was unavailable for comment after school.

Jamie Ryu, Staff Editor

Updated 9:35 a.m. Thursday: New information regarding second email and DeMaio’s reachability.

At 2:44 p.m. Tuesday, a letter written by Pascack Valley Principal Tom DeMaio was sent to the staff and student body at PV.

The letter detailed a rumor that had been going around the school about a “hit list” that a few students had created. According to the letter, the school has been in contact with the Hillsdale and River Vale police departments regarding the circumstance and have been unable to find this “hit list.”

After school, secretaries in the main office stated that DeMaio was not immediately available for comment.

DeMaio stated in the letter that they “have no reason to believe any student or staff are unsafe at Pascack Valley High School.”

He also requested that students “not perpetuate any rumors” and that they share any pertinent information with the school or the police department.

In second letter sent on Wednesday at 10:19 p.m., DeMaio said that the investigation into the “hit list” had concluded, having found no evidence validating the rumor.

The letter continued to say that the student suspected of creating the hit list had become “an unfortunate target and victim of the situation.” DeMaio requested that parents have a conversation” if their child brought the situation up.

DeMaio was unable to attend a scheduled briefing with a Smoke Signal reporter and rescheduled the meeting for a later date.

Both letters can be seen below.