The Smoke Signal


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Welcome to the student news site of Pascack Valley High School, where student voice is most important. In our opinion, what you have to say matters. All you have to do is submit a letter, leave a comment, take a poll, or join our staff using this google form.

If you have something to say, we want to hear about it. Chances are, the rest of the student body wants to hear about it too.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to hear from you soon. And be sure to send us an email ([email protected]) if you have any further questions or comments.

(From top left clockwise): Rachel Cohen, Tara Healy, Josh DeLuca, Noah Schwartz, Jeremy Lesserson, Katie Mullaney, Kayla Barry, Madison Gallo, Ava Devincenzo, and Molly Heintze


The Smoke Signal Editorial Board for the 2018-2019 school year is as follows:

Editor in Chief: Madison Gallo ([email protected])

Assistant Editor in Chief: Kayla Barry

Sports Editor: Josh DeLuca

Sports Editor: Noah Schwartz

Assistant Sports Editor: Jeremy Lesserson

Staff Editor: Rachel Cohen

Staff Editor: Tara Healy

Staff Editor: Katie Mullaney

Editor in Training: Ava DeVincenzo

Photo Editor: Molly Heintze

Adviser: Bill Rawson ([email protected])

Pascack Valley High School's Official News Site: Where there's smoke, there's fire.