A Spooky Spin


Video production teacher Michael Sherman released a book titled “A Halloween Tale” through Amazon on Oct. 6.

Vasili Karalewich, Staff Writer

Video production teacher Michael Sherman has written a book titled “A Halloween Tale,” which he released Oct. 6 through Amazon

“I’ve always wanted to do a Halloween version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ for the past fifteen years, but the stars never lined up,” Sherman said.

The plot puts a spin on Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol.” It was originally destined to be a mini-series, but the coronavirus pandemic put an end to the filming process. 

“The kids were great, and I wish we could have finished it,” Sherman said. “However, I cannot complain because bigger things were lost during that time. I still made sure to incorporate those students into the book in various ways, so they can live on.”

The book is 140 pages and consists of 21 chapters. Sherman said that he wrote the five-episode mini-series script in about two months over the Summer of 2019, and his first draft of the book this year took him about a month.

PV 2020 alumni Dan Large was originally the lead of the miniseries but due to the pandemic, Sherman decided to make the miniseries into a published book. (Contributed by Michael Sherman).

“Most of my writing was late at night when there was nothing on TV and no distractions,” Sherman said. “I would write from around 9 p.m. to about 2-3 a.m., pretty much every night in July.”

Sherman went through three drafts and finally finished the writing process toward the end of September. Sherman said that part of the proceeds from his book will be going towards live PVTV Trivia Nights that are streamed on YouTube.

His work is dedicated to the students of the class of 2020, who did not have an ideal end to their school year.

“In 2020, we have so many ways for people to be creative; do not let anyone deter you from trying to be who you are,” Sherman said. 

Sherman said that anyone who has a goal of any kind should use the pandemic as an opportunity to pursue it. 

“I think as a ‘first-time author’ my favorite chapter is the last one I wrote,” Sherman said. “I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and I was able to prove to myself that I could start and finish a project like this.”