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PV students share thoughts on mascot controversy
Abby Shapiro and Ava DeVincenzo March 5, 2021

  (Editor's Note: Last February, the PV Student Publication sent a survey to Pascack Valley students and faculty. Respondents were asked several questions pertaining...

Nolan Wasserman shares his thoughts on the community throughout the removal of the mascot, and the selection of a new one.
Opinion: 'We need to come together'
In the wake of the mascot removal, it is time we move on as one united community
Nolan Wasserman, Staff Writer • February 25, 2021

Indians or not, we are a unified Pascack Valley community, and I believe that we need to start showing it.  As the Board of Education voted to remove the Indian mascot...

The final three mascot options– Panthers, Green Wave, and Hawks – were presented to the Board of Education at its meeting Monday night. Pascack Valley students and faculty will be given the opportunity to vote for the mascot on Thursday, Feb. 24.
Mascot Committee provides mascot selection rationale
Sarah Buttikofer and Ellie Kim February 23, 2021

Mascot Selection Committee organizer and Pascack Valley Athletic Director Shawn Buchanan shared the three mascot selections and a ‘Mascot Selection Guide’ with students...

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PV military alumni honored with display
Expanding the PV perspective
Towey and ‘The People’
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Athlete of the Week: Marco Plasencia
Athlete of the Week: Marco Plasencia
BJ McGrane, Sports Editor • March 5, 2021

The NBA All-Star Game is set to take place on March 7. Sports Editor BJ McGrane shares his thoughts on how the event could lead to a greater spread of COVID-19.
Opinion: NBA's decision to host All-Star Game is hypocritical
BJ McGrane, Sports Editor • March 5, 2021

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the NBA has found a way to have a season. Considering the precautions that need to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s...

Jake Wolf attempts to get by the defender. Pascack Valley defeated Passaic Valley at home by a score of 52-41 Thursday night, and Wolf is the Athlete of the Week.
Athlete of the Week: Jake Wolf
Noah Silver, Assistant Sports Editor • February 26, 2021

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The first research essay written by Research Club member Bridget Coyle explains what mutations are and how they affect coronavirus vaccines.
The effect of mutations on COVID-19 vaccines
Bridget Coyle March 4, 2021

(Editor’s Note: The PV Student Publication has partnered with The Research Club to publish a series of research essays related to topics of COVID-19. All research essays are written and fact-checked by members of the Research Club, and The...

A Letter To High Schoolers During COVID
A Letter To High Schoolers During COVID
Hailey Migdal, Video Editor • February 23, 2021

Video Editor Hailey Migdal creates an audio letter to students whose high school experiences are altered by COVID.  

More than 83 million concert tickets were made ineffective due to COVID-19. Tours, music festivals, and award shows were postponed or entirely canceled.
'The once thunderous crowds dispersed’
Minche Kim, Staff Writer • February 18, 2021

A deafening roar echoes through eardrums. Beams of lights are blinding as silhouettes walk through a shower of spotlights. Quickly engulfed in music, everyone stands to greet the figure strutting towards the screaming fans. The scene fades...

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Opinion: ‘The unfamiliar environment made me turn my head everywhere’

Minche Kim, Staff Writer
March 3, 2021

(Editor’s Note: To highlight the district’s efforts to spread inclusivity and equity throughout the Pascack Valley community, The PV Student Publication will be publishing opinion and feature articles on various groups and organizations within the district that align with its mission.) Living in a predominantly white area ever since the first grade, the unfamiliar environment made me turn my...

‘Our opinions matter’

Sarah Buttikofer, Staff Editor
February 24, 2021

A journalist in North Carolina wanted to write a story on how schoolwide grades had recently been dropping, but the administration stopped her.  A journalist in Kentucky wanted to write a story about the lack of spirit at her school, but the administration stopped her. Censorship has been and continues to be an issue for high school journalists.  As a new high school journalist last year,...

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