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The Smoke Signal

2016-2017 Staff

Kyle Comito

Editor in Chief

Turned himself in for inhumane sleep schedule.

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Lauren Cohen

Managing Editor

Arrested for having hair that's too frizzy for her own good

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Kayla Barry

Staff Editor

Wanted for obsessively deleting emails to make inbox look neat.

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Madison Gallo

Staff Editor

Wanted for frequent off-topic stories that never seem to end.

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Sarah Schmoyer

Staff Editor

Arrested for having the common sense of a brick.

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Jake Aferiat

Sports Editor

Arrested for only focusing on football and being too venomous.

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Charlotte Atkinson

Photo Editor

Arrested for owning too many cats.

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Curstine Guevarra

Photo Editor

Arrested for bothering Mr. Rawson excessively with her face. Found guilty on multiple charges of foreign accent.

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Sophie Altman

Staff Writer

Arrested for laughing at inappropriate times. Guilty for being unsure as to why she got arrested for laughing.

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Nicole Arden

Sports Writer

Arrested for going to bed too early

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Meghan Costello

Staff Writer

Arrested for constantly procrastinating.

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Julia Ganbarg

Staff Writer

Evicted for singing in public and breaking the ear drums of many.

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Tara Healy

Staff Writer

Arrested for always complaining about the cold from September to April.

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Anna Kofitsas

Staff Writer

Arrested for taking too many selfies.

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Casey Lewis

Staff Writer

Wanted for embarrassing PV athletes with ridiculous games and challenges on "The Sidelines."

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Matt Novakowski

Staff Writer

Wanted for asking almost every teacher in the school for a letter of recommendation for college.

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Emilio Quevedo

Staff Writer

Arrested for multiple counts of being handsome as well as murdering people on the soccer field.

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Nicole Zamlout

Staff Writer

Arrested for claiming Marvel movies were better than DC.

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Kaitlyn Conti

Sports Writer

Arrested for owning an illegal pet turtle.

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Noah Schwartz

Sports Writer

Wanted for an extreme obsession with the New York Mets.

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Jake Topolosky

Staff Writer

Wanted for being too awesome in a no-awesome zone.

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Kayla Creagh

Staff Video

Arrested for always listening to music way too loudly.

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Molly Heintze

Staff Photographer

Arrested for obsessively binge watching Gilmore Girls.

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Amelia Moran

Staff Photographer

Wanted for procrastinating too much and for staying up too late doing homework.

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Pascack Valley High School's Official News Site: Where there's smoke, there's fire.